4 Wheel Driving

This past Sunday we packed the car up once again only this time with not so much stuff and headed out for a day trip. We went 4WD. Something we don’t often do and something we won’t do again until we get a crappier car. Too many scratches and too much could of happened to the poor car and lets face I want this car to survive so I can have it one day!


This photo is me trying to get the twins faces going through the first mud puddle 🙁 it didn’t work lol.

I brought lunch with us to eat out in the bush and THANK GOD  I did! But ill tell you why a bit later one.

The day started off good. It was another freezing cold day and luckily didn’t rain. the fist part of the track was super muddy and slippery and that kind of scared the twins. Then we found and off road track that wasn’t for the faint hearted. And let me tell you the water we went through and the bog hole and mud. I got scared myself!!! Some parts were so slippery and that would make things even worse. The twins didn’t know how to take it all but once we got to the bottom they where ok. But we actually couldn’t finish the track as a huge tree had fallen and blocked the road!



This tree made us stuck for 3 hours!!!! This takes me back to being so happy we brought lots of food to eat and pig out on. And it also kept the kids entertained. The took one of the cars back up the track to take on of the guys to go get his tractor, to hopefully move the tree. This didn’t work!!  We all  had to go back up the track, but none of the boys wanted the kids in there cars as it could of ended badly. so because they had already gotten on of the other cars up we pilled into that while the boys took the other 3 cars back up the hill. Kev made it up fine and didn’t need to be pulled up by the tractor but the other two cars did. Kev was super proud of his car. It was very cute. And i was told it was super rough to get back up the hill.



Some super muddy cars.. IT took ages for them all to be cleaned on the Sunday night. And Kev is yet to finish cleaning his. His car is now covered in scratches and HE is not happy. And that is why until we buy a cheaper muck around car we won’t be going out again.

It was a great day and I honestly can’t wait to go out and do it again and this time maybe it will be warmer as well!!!


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