2018 Goals, with the help of PowerSheets.


It is a new year and something different I am doing this year is making sure I set myself some achievable goals for the year ahead. I found an amazing company thats creates a goal planner. It is made by the company Cultivate What Matters. I found it through Instagram. The company creates a planner called POWERSHEETS. A planner dedicated to finding, growing and completing your goals.



It is a fantastic idea and it work great along side my Emily Ley  Simplified Planner.


Sometimes having the right tools can really help with creating goals and help make sure you stay on track to achieving those goals.

Within the PowerSheet there is a section to find out what your word of the year is going to be. I came up with all sorts of words but the one that has really stuck out to me is…..


The reason I picked the word FREEDOM is because within the year of 2017 I truly found the freedom within my self but also through ending something that has been ongoing for 5 1/2 years. And to me it is the beginning of something special and creative for 2018. 

Freedom to me means, being able to live the life I want, how I want it. I have the right to speak up and be my truest self. It is good right???

But for right now lets get onto my goals for 2018. There are 10 I have come up with. Each has there own space in my heart and something I want to work towards to better my life but also to better the people around me.


Complete all 365 lessons from a Course In Miracles.


To bring me closer to my spirituality and faith. I have also wanted to study and read through this book for about a year so I made it my top priority for myself.


Yoga-My goal is to do yoga 6 days a week. 


Yoga is a passion of mine and I want to make it my first priority for my body.


Study harder for UNI


This past year created a lot of distractions for me. I wasn’t fully focused on my uni work as I should have been so 2018 is the year I turn that all around and feel accomplished at the end of the year with the outcome for this year of studying.




To understand each other and work on how we communicate and show love to one other.


Plan,Organise and Tidy


To live a more relaxed simplified day to day life. Basically less stress and more FUN.


Create and build my online business


I want to grow my business and dedicate more time to building it each day. Again wiht 2017 it got put on the back of everything else and this year is the year I fully focus on creating the dream I have always wanted.


Read ONE book a month


Expand my mind and learn all I can. I love reading and I need to read more then I do.


Save Money


To have a better relationship with money and see a growth throughout the year in the form of my savings


Connect to god, angles and spirit


To feel at one with myself. To learn, feel and love all I can.


Complete the Good Tribe Course


I want to earn the respect from myself by completing this and adding the value of all I learn to my business.


There you have my TEN goals for the year ahead. I honestly feel like the year a head is going to be so different from the past 5 years. The major stress is my life has now lifted and it is honestly the freshest start I have had in a while.

I will be keeping you update on the blog and via  Instagram on the progress of my goals plus I’ll be stepping up my YouTube game!

I hope the start of 2018 is just as exciting for you as it is for me. I would also love to hear your goal.

Much Love

Maddie xox


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