Welcome to 2017!!

The first week of the year is done. Everyone goes back to work on Monday in our house so that means we can get back to a bit of normality. Yes I know its now the 8th of Jan and I missed the christmas post on what I got and how our lunch was but to be honest I just wanted to spend my time with my family. I kept you all updated on Instagram but I didn’t share any or should I say much of our Christmas. So i’ve included a few photos of our christmas.

It’s actually been a tough start to the year. I had to attend a car crash with the SES  and that didn’t have a good outcome so that kind of threw me through a bit of a loop. It was only my second car crash that has had a bad outcome that I have attended with the SES  . So it was a bit of a shock to the system and not the best way to start off the new year. It took a couple of days to over come and understand why life just ends for no reason. But hay it’s part of my job being with the SES  . That happened on the 3rd. So from then on my routine that I had just started went out of wack. I slept in and didn’t feel like doing yoga and working out. Plus I again just let this blog go. So I decided to give myself a few days rest and to just allow myself to heal and come back to a place of love. Thankfully that happened this weekend and  it’s now  Sunday night and I am ready for the second week of the new year. I actually caught some sort of bug yesterday and I woke up in the middle night really sick and spent today just resting well kind of. I slept till 11am and then got up and cleaned izzy room and the bathroom, swept the floors and then started on my room before I decided a nap sounded like a better option.  Which made me feel a tone better. But as I’m writing this it is about 10pm at night and the only reason Im still awake is because the twins are playing up… As always I’m sick and the twins like to play on it. So not good for me. 

This week has also seen me looking at new cars. I’m really hoping I can get the one I looked over the weekend but we will see. Also I’ve managed to start on a new yoga journey and fitness which is really exciting. It’s one of my main goals for this year- Improve my flexibly and improve my yoga. 

Wow I just cant believe we are already at the first Sunday of the month and the year. Well really its the second but the first for the first week of the year. 

We’ve been a bit busy and fairly quiet at the same time. We finally went down to the beach for the first time this summer, its also so busy so you really have to pick your timing. 

We have done some day trips to the shops up in the city and also been to the movies, which the twins loved. We’ve been up to the city and just spent time looking around and now I feel like we have missed out on a heap of things to do as the time just went by so fast. We will miss Kev when he goes back to work. He works so hard and long hours so during the week we hardly get to see him. Hoping that might change this year. We shell see. 

This photos above is my yoga goal. I would like to be able to have my legs straight and flat to the floor in 6 months. Lets hope I can. 

So with work starting back up for Kevin this week, life will slowly get back to normal. I’ve enrolled the twins in swimming lessons again, this time it’s on a Saturday morning so that will be fun and here is hoping it works out and there is no fighting. Then i’ve started to organise some play dates for the twins with our friends. As I’ll need entertainment for the twins now everyone has gone to back to work. I might start to grow crazy. They are completely out of there routines so everything is a little hectic and out of sync. We really need to get back into it as school starts in about 3 weeks time. I also need to get into my routine for them as well. I’m planing to start my days earlier and go to bed earlier well at least before 1 am like normal. See I normally go to sleep between midnight and 1 so I really need to start going to sleep earlier so ill be able to wake up earlier, I want to do my yoga before the twins wake, which is normally between 7 to 7:30am some times earlier, some time later. I normally wake about 7 so I really need to work on it. That is another goal of this year- rise earlier and go to bed earlier. 

I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for us. Myself, Kevin and the twins have so much to look forward to this year. The start of school, anniversary’s, birthdays and a trip to QLD, the twins first plane ride and  hopefully much much more. Im really looking forward to this year. I have so many reachable goals this year, I haven’t made anything that I feel like will fail at or let myself down. Just goals I think I can accomplish. 

I hope your first week have been less eventful then mine but I hope you have enjoyed it. 

Watch this space for more content on the blog. I’m hoping this is the year i’ll be able to commit to more of this blog and also to start vlogging. 

Much Love


P.S Ive just made a snapchat account for the blog, so if you feel like it add me @mummyoftwins91


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